MG BY DIOM offers you sunshine  and flavors from Africa by a combination of modern  and traditional with  styles  at affordable and reasonable price for women ,men and kids.

Our products are sourced and made with high quality Africa Ankara print designed to reveal the Afro soul in you 

Start shopping to add a bit  of  Afrotitude to your wardrobes today!



When I first came to the UK , my first thought  was "it's cold "! Coming from a hot country ,where i was able to wear all my nice and stunning African print all year round  without hiding them under a heavy coat ,I  thought  to myself :"something has to be done ".

During my first summer in  the UK ,I was so excited to wear my dresses ,head-wraps which  was a hit with everybody and along came compliments and enquiries about where to get the same .And there came the light bulb moment when I realised there was a demand for clothes made with African print 

Fast  forward a couple of years and voila, I founded MG BY DIOM  with one desire ,to promote and share with all African print lovers around the world my culture ,my pride, my version of African fashion , making clothes and accessories that people can wear every season of the year .

 Let us bring some sunshine ,some brightness,colour  and happiness on those dark gloomy winter days .

Express yourself with your outfit .

Chose to be happy with our vibrant colorful and stunning garments made with  love .

Massy Gogoua Diomande!